Why Use Leroy Ellington Productions

Are you planning an event that will need entertainment of ANY KIND? Perhaps a Church Festival, Community Concert in the Park, Charitable Event, Nightclub, Company Party, Wedding Ceremony, Reception, ANYTHING?

Leroy Ellington Productions (L.E.P.) is ONE STOP SHOPPING for all of your entertainment related needs!

If you have need for any kind of entertainment at all, local talent, national talent, bands, musicians, comedians motivations speakers, need a petting zoo, mini circus? Do you have production needs such as: Staging, Lighting, Sound System, NO PROBLEM, THESE ARE THE THINGS WE DO!

Additionally, L.E.P. has the resources, connections and expertise to secure, implement and manage all logistical aspects for your event, including, but not limited to: day of show coordination, scheduling entertainment, power source, security, transportation, concessions, web site design, marketing, and sponsorships. Anything…we can help!

We’ll make suggestions that will help your event run smoothly, efficiently and profitably!

L.E.P. relieves the administrative burden from you by issuing all contracts, payment and tax liability documentation.

If you have ANY questions, problems or concerns at any point, before, during or after the event…IT’S EASY…make one phone call to L.E.P. and we’ll take it from there!

How We Can Help You

We Provide Entertainment Services, including:
  • Consultation, Local, Regional & National Entertainment Purchasing and Scheduling.
  • Sound (P.A.) & Production Consultation & Booking.
  • Marketing, marketing materials, web design.
  • Event Coordination, day of show.
  • Site Survey for the most effective layout for your event.
  • We provide entertainment and logistics in bulk, and we do it at an attractive rate passing the savings on to you.
  • We keep “our” eye on “your” budget.
  • We provide entertainment for “all types”, of events “large and small”.
  • What we do will eliminate much of YOUR work, freeing you up to spend more time on other aspects of your event.
    Or allow you to just sit back and enjoy!
  • You will decide the scope of the work that we do for your event, we’ll work within the boundary of your needs.